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How You and Your Phone Can Save Dolphins and Whales

In the Age of Apps, your mobile social network is power. As the world spends half of digital time in apps, the power to use information to influence people and affect change is at your fingertips.

Your phone can give you the power to save dolphins and whales.

And our community is building an app to do just that…

Project: Whale Call App

We launched a GoFundMe crowdfunding campaign for the development of our mobile marine conservation application called Whale Call Ocean App.

We call it OApp for short.

Please know more about it at:


OApp is a mobile activism platform that will allow Whale Callers—individuals, organizations and governments—to collaborate and combine social networking and offline mobilization to take action for the protection and conservation of marine life.

Using a mobile phone, people can use the OApp to monitor and report ocean-related issues and connect, organize and collaborate with other app users from different countries to achieve a common goal.

Our Whale Call App can empower anyone to become a mobile cause leader.

How Does it Work?

Imagine discovering a commercial fishing company illegally netting and killing dolphins to catch the tuna they are chasing.

You know that with the growing global demand for tuna, rare species of dolphins will be trawled to extinction and you want to stop it.

But you're just one person.

Here’s how to do it…

Become a Whale Caller. Bring out your phone and use the OApp to take a photo or video of the illegal trawling. Then create your personal Whale Call campaign, a call to action to create awareness, launch a petition, organize a protest, ask for government intervention, etc., and send it to other app users.

People will use their phones to respond to your Whale Call and all you have to do is manage your campaign by sending notifications, posting updates, stories and any instruction or information you want to share to achieve your goal.

With the OApp Whale Caller community, you're not alone after all.

And you and your phone can save dolphins and whales.

Please visit our GoFundMe campaign to know more about what you can do with our app:

Over 4,500 cause supporters have already signed the pledge to help us build the Whale Call App with their donations.

We need one more pledge to make it happen…yours.

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