Connor Farrugia
Connor Farrugia campaign leader

This video is about what conflict minerals are and what they are used for. The goal of the video is to make viewers realise that their technology could be funding a war in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). I used three main strategies to influence viewers. First, I used graphic images to encourage viewers to feel empathy for the victims of militia who control mines in the DRC. For example, I included the image of a girl who is clearly in shock and vulnerable after text that makes it clear she was a rape victim. In addition, I included many facts to educate viewers about conflict minerals. For example, the video has the text “the armed militia rape, steal, bash and even murder the villagers” and “they think they are above the law because nobody can stop them”. This text should make viewers realise that conflict minerals are causing villagers to live in horrific conditions. I also used sad instrumental music in the background to create a reflective mood in keeping with the powerful information in the video. Overall, I hope the video will encourage people to not purchase products containing conflict minerals to stop funding the militia that control mines in the DRC.

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