acer owen
acer owen campaign leader

The purpose of my video is to make people feel for the animals that are tested on in testing facilities around the world. I made the video to show people what the animals in testing facilities go through in their short lifespans, and to show why it’s rare for animals to leave testing facilities alive. I aim to make people understand and feel the same way I do about these cruel practices.

Viewers need to be advised that the content in the video is horrific. The facts and images can be graphic and harsh. I intended to make the video full of powerful text and images so that the horror of testing would get across. I used some images like an infant monkey crying in pain and fear as it is jabbed with a large needle. This paints a powerful image in the viewer’s head about what goes on in animal testing facilities. I also used facts to affect the viewers emotionally so they would be encouraged to take action and support this campaign. One powerful fact is that 92% of testing of cosmetics on animals do not meet ethical standards. In addition I used some slow sad piano music to influence the viewer’s emotions in the moment. The music will bring tears to your eyes and evoke emotions. Overall, the video should stop people buying products that are involved in animal testing.


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