Jake McMahon
Jake McMahon campaign leader

The goal of the video was to educate viewers about the current crisis that the orangutans are undergoing throughout Borneo and Sumatra. It will convince viewers through uses of powerful and impacting images and text to join the pledge and hopefully make a difference.

This video is very interesting and useful to viewers because it shows powerful photos and evidence of the wrong ways that people are treating the orangutans, such as shooting them, beating them and lighting them on fire if they were to return to what used to be their homes in the forest which has now been converted to a palm oil plantation. Viewers will be utterly disgusted to know that humans are treating animals in such a way that they have been treating the orangutans. It is simply inhumane. The background song “I see fire” by Ed Sheeran adds impacts on the viewer, especially he sings “keep careful watch of my brothers’ souls”, which makes people look at the orangutans as their brothers, creating a sentimental perspective. The song also goes “I see fire burning the trees and I see fire hollowing souls I see fire Blood in the breeze and I hope that you remember me” which relates to the images in the video containing burning trees and smoke in the air. Overall, the video should make people care about the survival of the orangutans.

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