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How our Whale Call App could have saved a baby dolphin from selfie-seekers

Take a look at the photo of the baby dolphin that died after being passed around by beach-goers for selfies and imagine what could have been had that phone carried our Whale Call App.

It could have taken just one person to save the baby dolphin.

The owner of that phone could have been a Whale Caller, a concerned individual using the app to collaborate with other like-minded people around the world to save dolphins and whales.

The Whale Caller could have stepped in and urged beach-goers to return the baby dolphin to the sea.

As it happened, the Whale Caller could have used the app’s distress call feature to alert other Whale Callers in the vicinity to come to its rescue.

Nearby Whale Callers—individuals, organizations, even government personnel—could have rushed to the scene to help.

But the app’s most important feature that could have prevented that unfortunate incident would have been its key information on the desperate plight of dolphins and whales and people’s role in their protection.

The rescue of that baby dolphin could have started in the minds and hearts of those beach-goers long before it happened.

Yes, it could have taken just one caring, knowledgeable and Whale Call app-empowered person on that beach in Argentina to turn it all around.

Now imagine what could have been if several of them had a Whale Call app.

Could have beens.

We are now in the crowdfunding phase of our project to build our community’s Whale Call app. You are invited to sign the pledge to help make it happen at:

Your help makes a difference.

Thank you very much!

Photo credit: Hernan Coria / CEN – Daily Mail UK
News Sources: CNN and Daily Mail UK



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