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ENVIRONMENT - The third pillar of Olympism

With preparations for Japan's Tokyo 2020 Olympics under way, the scandals & fiascos abound. The recent allegations of bribery during the bid process, flawed stadium design, spiralling costs, unattainable deadlines, as well as the plagiarized logo in the media, are all threatening to make a laughingstock of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's much anticipated starring role on the world stage of sport's most prestigious show.

Since Japan's controversial bid to host the 2020 Olympics was successful, the Japanese Organising Committee has continued to show complete disregard for the Environmental Mandate of the Olympic Charter. 

Besides continuing the unsustainable whale & dolphin hunts in Taiji and beyond the waters of Japan, which leads to the sale of highly toxic whale and dolphin meat, Tokyo is now hosting annual food festivals aimed at introducing whale meat to foreigners, intending to cash in on the anticipated influx of tourists in the run up to and during the lucrative 2020 Games. 

Japan is currently breaking international law by resuming its Antarctic whale hunt; even AFTER the International Court of Justice ruled that its hunts were not for "scientific research," and ordered Japan to cease its whaling programme immediately. However, Tokyo has once again launched its whaling fleet in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary, regardless of the court ruling, global outrage and environmental impact.

Japan's government is also refusing to commit to an international conservation plan to save the endangered Pacific Bluefin Tuna. Because around 80% of the GLOBAL bluefin tuna catch is consumed in Japan, it was imperative that Japan agreed to the proposed plan. As a result the international community may now have to impose a global trade ban in order to save this species.

Far from the promises & pledges made during the bid process, the consequences of hosting the 2020 Olympics is actually having a negative impact on many of the people affected by the 2011 tsunami and Fukushima disaster. A severe labour shortage in Japan has resulted in taking workers away from the disaster zone to build facilities for the Olympics, which has slowed reconstruction. This leaves THOUSANDS of people still homeless, displaced or living in temporary, inadequate accommodation—almost FIVE years after the disaster.

We also have the Japanese government's reluctance to release accurate information about the stricken nuclear Fukushima Power Plant, which will take 30 to 40 YEARS to decommission! Radioactive water is STILL leaking into the Pacific Ocean EVERY DAY, contaminating our environment & wildlife globally! Reports are emerging of higher incidences of children developing cancer in the region, and workers employed in the clean up process at the plant are now developing cancer.  

The IOC however, is continuing to turn a blind eye to these blatant violations of the Olympic Charter's Environmental Mandate, so we MUST ensure that the INTERNATIONAL OLYMPIC COMMITTEE is doing it's job correctly by NOT allowing the Japanese Olympic Committee to ignore the rules and regulations that are applicable to all host nations. 

We must remind the IOC that the THIRD pillar of Olympism is the ENVIRONMENT! Let's tell the Olympics and Japan that the WORLD IS STILL WATCHING!

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