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Here is the rundown on the very important issue going on right now concerning Fathers’ Rights and Family Law Reform.

On January 20, 2016, The Fathers’ Rights Movement became aware of an amazing opportunity to have our voices heard on the national level by politicians that have long been aware of–yet conveniently ignoring–the dire need for equality and accountability in the family law system. was giving voters the opportunity to ask questions of the candidates in Iowa. The top voted 5 questions were to be asked during debates. The voting on the questions was hosted by the Des Moines Register. There were two questions immediately put into the voting mix:

Republicans: “Would you support Social Security Title IV D and Family Law Reform”.

Democrats: “Do you support a presumption of equal parental fitness, regardless of gender, being enshrined in law in accordance with the 14th Amendment?”

Not only did we continue to push the vote, but added 2 more questions–one to the GOP and the Title IV D question to the Dems:

QUESTION 3 (GOP): “What is your stance on equal constitutional parental rights for all parents and any needed reforms to the family law system to ensure them?”

QUESTION 4 (DEM): “Would you support social security title IV D and family law reform?” (same question posed to GOP)

Questions 3 & 4 also have been steadily moving up toward being in the top 5.

This brings us to the current situation, so please bear with me.

The Iowa town halls were held Thursday night. Keep in mind that our questions weren’t supposed to be in those debates because they had already closed the voting for the Iowa questions before we started the voting on the above questions. We understand that our questions would not have made it into the Iowa forum because of the timing. But, The Des Moines Register and did not keep their word on their top 5 promise.

One of the questions they asked, that was not even in the top 5 was
“What are you going to do to ensure women are valued the same as men — before 2059?”…/3517964f-9fda-4731-a06b-d2

Besides the infuriatingly false premise on which such a question is based, it was not even remotely NEAR the top 5 questions upvoted at that point.

STILL going on(with countdown tickers) for both primaries here:







–Contact The Des Moines Register, Concord Monitor, and and let them know that we demand answers

–Lets quickly overtake the current voting, in the forums they switched up on us. Here are the links:

Let them know that we will be heard. They ignore us because they think that we aren’t significant enough to make enough noise to matter.

Thank you for taking the time to read and even more thanks if you decide to take any of the actions we are asking. Our children deserve much-needed reform in this system, and it warrants national attention from those who presume to be our leaders.

With respect, Derek

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