Anita Kokoreva
Anita Kokoreva campaign leader

How this will help:
Nature has a delicate balance and hunting can have an impact on that natural balance. Hunting is the cause of extinction of about 23 percent of animal. To name but a few, the Syrian elephant, dodo, elephant bird, Steller's sea cow, quagga, thylaclne, Caspian tiger and western black rhino have all been driven to the brink, and over It, by hunting. The nature of Earth's ecosystems Is very tight knit, with many animals intrinsically linked (eg co-evolutionary species), with each surviving thanks to others' existence. By removing one, you threaten to Instigate a knock-on effect In which many other species are forced to rapidly adapt or perish.
Just a short list of the endangered animals:
Amur Leopard40 Javan Rhinoceros60 Panther80 Red Wolf100 California Condor 130 Sumatran Rhinoceros 300 Cross River Gorilla 300 Asiatic Lion 350 Northern Right Whale 350 Indochinese Tiger 500Malayan Tiger 500 Sumatran Tiger 500 Grizzly Bear 500 Eastern Gorilla 700 Camels 950Giant Panda1,000 South Asian River Dolphin 1,000North Pacific Right Whale 1,000Cape Mountain Zebra1,500 Bengal Tiger2,000 Indian Rhinoceros 2,500Grevy's Zebra 2,000 Snow Leopard 4,000 Gray Wolf 6,600S umatran Orangutan 7,000Cheetah 7,000 Blue Whale10,000 Polar Bears 20,000American Bison 30,000 Bonobo 30,000 Borneo Orangutan 40,000 Tasmanian Devil 80,000 Narwhal 80,000Beluga Whale 150,000 Chimpanzee 150,000 Sperm Whale 400,000 Asian Elephant 470,000

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