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Can we change the world with music? "A tail with a BIG heart"

Dear Friends,

this is our bet, this is your bet!

Each day 50,000 Dogs are killed in China. 18 million Dogs every year! 

Plus, millions of Chinese Cats are slaughtered and sold annually in markets and restaurants.
This song is dedicated to them!

You can listen to and buy and sign our petitions from this page: http://qr2.co/9uwlzc9

Every year millions of Dogs, risk their lives to save those of millions of people. Every year millions of Dogs donate their unconditional love to their owners without asking for anything else in return for a caress.

We can do something! Indignation is not enough. They are not teddies!

It's since July 2012 that AnimalsTrust NPO is fighting to Stop Dog & Cat Slaughters and meat trade in China with the International Petitions:

"Nobody touch the Dog" - http://qr2.co/8ahvlbf and "Nobody touch the Cat" - http://qr2.co/8ahvlbfwith more than 615,000 signatures in more than 210 countries!

We wrote this song: "A tail with a big heart" to support our International petitions and save Chinese Dogs & Cats.

The funds raised will be used to finance our International campaign "Would you eat your best friend?" to run our campaign & banners on Chinese Facebook pages.

Copyright AnimalsTrust NPO - http://www.animalstrust.org

Written by Sergio Barbesta, founder and president of AnimalsTrust NPO Music & voice by Riccardo Basilone - (Rick the bas) - Youtube Channel: http://www.animalstrust.org

A battle is not over until it is won! 

We won't stop until China will block nationwide the consumption and trade of Dog and Cat meat!

We wish you a Merry Xmas.

Thank you for sharing our song and message.

AnimalsTrust NPO Staff - http://www.animalstrust.org

AnimalsTrust is putting pressure on Chinese Government and Institutions to enact a national law prohibiting the trade and consumption of Dog and Cat meat throughout China and establishing severe penalties towards who commit abuses and mistreatments of Animals.

Join also the Facebook dedicated Groups: Nobody touch the Dog and Nobody touch the Cat

and to AnimalsTrust FB official page: AnimalsTrust Official FB Page to give AnimalsTrust more strength and International weight.

You can follow AnimalsTrust even on Twitter: https://twitter.com/animalstrust


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