Update #2 ·

We have recovered one of our Pages: One Victory

I am happy to announce that we have regained control of Humanity Healing Page here on Facebook, but Omtimes still at large, but it is something. We are back in business, sort of, but hey. One battle at the time.I thank you all, my real friends, that during such dark period of my life stood with me, and gave me the energy to continue going when everything I wanted was to cry. I believe that today, the day of the new moon, that many things will be redefined, Many things changed inside of me as well. But Now I start a new journey, one that is bigger and not smaller.I will do away with labels. 

As we as Humanity Healing stand with and for the Albino children, we are now entering the field with "big boys" and fighting Human Trafficking. Because in truth, it doesn't matter if it is Human Trafficking of girls, or children, or women, or albinos. The world statistics say there is from 20M to 38M of people living under slavery in this world. This cannot be something we chose to consciously ignore. I realized that buying into labels, we create division, we create separation. 

The portion of our battles may be the Albino Plight, but we are now part of a bigger war: Against Human Trafficking.

Again I thank you all for your immeasurable love and I would like to give a shout-out to some people that kept me sane during these dark hours: Karen Cantrell, Allayah Frisch Laurie Sue Brockway, Carol Leonard Tami LaMoreKathy Cook Juvita DaRosa Kathy Custren Tim, and a new friend of a friend I get the pleasure to meet here)  that I could not tag here, but helped us with press releases! My Gratitude will be with you guys, forever.

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