Lisa Michelle Bloor
Lisa Michelle Bloor campaign leader

Hi everyone
So we have been campaigning for so long now to have the issues surrounding cuts to funding for those with a disabilities and carers heard, but all to often we forget to thank those that have been helping us along the way.

So I thought I would take the time to thank one great MP (I only ever lobby my own MP) that has supported us over the years and raised our issues and rights with relevant ministers. Not only did he question those cutting funding to much needed support but when he didn't like the answer he kept on asking.

Not only this but I raised the issue of why people on carers allowance are not treated as workers and thus given working tax credits (given the that the allowance is a taxable income). The answer he got back from the Minster was not great and went on about carers being allowed to earn £100 a week on top of their allowance and as we and he well knows so many carers are not able to work because caring is for a lot of people 24/7. He agreed this was wrong because clearly carers save this country Billions each year.

On top of this he has also supported me personally, when my daughter lost her disability bus pass because she doesn't get high rate mobility as her chronic lung condition fluctuates. After explaining her health care needs he spent two months dealing with this issue and had her vital disability bus pass reinstated.

Now to me and you I am sure you would say he is a good MP that works hard for the constituency and also clearly for all of us. Giving everything that is going on in the world of politics right now. I think it only right we take the time to thank MPs like Graham for everything they have done and are doing. No we don't have to agree on everything but we do need to be united by common good.

Thank you Graham we all here do appreciate everything that you have been doing and we don't forget who truly cares about our rights.

I know a great many of you are not tweeters but do please if you can tweet a thank you to him for caring about us all #DAACSS. So he knows we really do appreciate all he has done.

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