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Don't Let Human Traffickers WIN

My Name is Liane Buck, I am the co-founder of HumanityHealing International , a tiny nonprofit based in Pennsylvania, USA.

As  many of you may also know, we have projects in Uganda, Pakistan, and Nepal. On those places, we deal with the dark side of Humanity.

Either rescuing women  and children victims of acid throwing, from streets in Pakistan or rescuing  Albino Children destined to be killed and mutilated, so their body parts can be sold for Black magic rituals, we work with the worse of mankind’s shadows.

On Thursday, December 3rd our public outreach over Facebook was hacked, bringing  down our public voice.

What we initially thought to be a random attack  turned out to be a professional and coordinated effort to damage our reputation and our public outreaches. The hackers immediately started to post Pedophilia photos with a fake website also named Humanity Healing created over one of the many porn pages over “My Likes”.

Our outreach is of  2.4M. Both pages were verified by Facebook. It was clear to us that something bigger was happening. The next morning, Friday, the 4th, we received a phone call from Uganda, where the individual  asked for Chris  Buck (the Founder of Humanity Healing) and proceeded to say that  he was the one that hacked our accounts on the behalf of another organization. He hanged up, we called him back on the phone and when he heard our voices he hanged up.

 We contacted the authorities in Uganda and it turned out that the phone belonged to a woman somewhere else and it was a stolen one. It was a threat.

The timeline

Just last month, our team in Uganda had a tip where two children (boy and the girl) were running from traffickers on the border of Congo. When going after the rescuing mission of these children, our team, faced a threat we never did before: The Traffickers there in Uganda are now using our name Humanity Healing’s name to reach and deceive the Albino children and those trying to protect them. They told the girl they were HUMANITY HEALING, and she could trust them. She went with them, the boy was not that trusting, he run for his life.

 This was one of the most heartbreaking situation we ever faced. The girl had the same name as my daughter, Beatrice.

WE NEED our pages back.

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