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My story would have begun back in 1997 right when Bill Clinton changed laws on children and reunification. Yes , I was young and in foster care myself when this happened to me , but having my child gave me a better way of Life and responsibilities. She was my everything and the LOve of my lIfe. WEll , Because I was a minor Myself , CPS put us in the children's shelter and not very long after the social worker said she couldn't find a fOster home to live together and they were going to separate us. But I fought that so they decided to separate us in the shelter and give us a couple more months before separation if they couldn't find a fOster home. While in the shelter they gave me visits to see her after the joke of a school they Put me in and i get to see her one day and my baby had bruises and broken skin all over her face and body. Eleven bites jUst on her face. After that I was taken to the vIce president of the whole place and he told me that they wOuld keep my baby with me as long as I do NOt speak about what haPpened a big hush hush . I was to young to understand what was really happening at the time. They dId find a fOster home for us together but soon after while I'm going to school and worKing like I was asked too do they told me they were gOing to take my baby to a fOster adopt home cause I was to young, mind you by this time my baby is about 2 years old and would sit by the door crying till I came home for her. So trying to be an adult and make good choice I went to Job corps and mOved there so they wouldn't have to take my baby to another home. Well I finished at job corps my GED at 16 years old and graduated to classes by 17 and a half years old then fought my way into the union for work because I was sTill under 18 years old. Even though I did everything that was asked of me and more than what was required CPS supervisor that took over my case on a visit with my daughter told me they were sTill going too terminate my right's and adopt her to a home. All I could do was cry and my baby yeLled at the lady to NOT hurt her mommy. They took my last visit from me and last court date, the Judge assigned to our case mysteriously resigned and another lady Judge there not knowing anything about me or my case other than what everyone assigned to case had a meeting with all together before court was called in. Depressed they took my baby I quit my job and went back to my Friends and stARted doing dRugs, since CPS said I was an addict already when I wasn't. A couple years later had my tWo I have now in another State, but I was an addict now and to painful to sTop CPS in this state intervened again. The only social worker I've met that really cared and that Never happens. She asked me one day why I didn't even try to get my Kids back and wOrk for them and I told her why you jUst work for it and still have babies taken. She promised if I worked tOwards it she would Give back my baby. So I did and 8 months later my Kids back with me. But recently choose a not so good man to be with after CPS involved again and the Judge cLOsed the case almost immediately due to nothing wrong with me having kids I did nothing wrong. But another sUpervisor took over and scared me fRom my past she whisper in my ear "I didn't think the JUdge wOuld give you back your kids. " I panic and sent them to my old foster Mom who I trusted and she Filed for guardianship saYing I abuse kids and California went in her favor jUst because of my past and they can't do investigation because I live in another state and still did this even though my KIds were residents of another state and with no invesTigation.
I haven't seen them for 5 years now and get this I sill have my right's so they can take money via child support!

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