Costco and Red Lobster reject GE salmon

The FDA approved genetically engineered (GE) salmon last week, and says GE salmon don’t need to be labeled, leaving us in the dark about the foods we buy. So our campaign to urge supermarkets, seafood companies, and restaurants to reject GE salmon is more important than ever, and we’re making tremendous progress thank to you!

After a year of pushing Costco, the company has made a public commitment to not sell GE salmon.  Center for Food Safety, Friends of the Earth and a coalition of more than 30 consumer, health, food safety and fishing groups released the retailer’s statement today.

Costco, the second largest retailer in the world, with 487 stores, and one of the largest retailers of salmon and seafood in the U.S., joins more than 60 other supermarket chains including Kroger, Safeway Trader Joe’s, Target, and Whole Foods, now totaling more than 9,500 stores nationwide, in making a commitment to not sell GE salmon.

Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, and Publix are among the last remaining large retail grocers in the U.S. that have not yet rejected GE salmon.

Also last Friday, Red Lobster, with 705 North American locations and more than 40 internationally, told the Dallas Morning News that it would not sell GE salmon.

The market is clearly rejecting GE salmon - stores won’t sell it and people don’t want to eat it. Now other retailers like Walmart and restaurants need to follow suit, and we need mandatory labeling so that consumers know how to avoid GE salmon.

Nearly two million people — including scientists, fishermen, business owners and consumers — who submitted comments to FDA opposed the approval of genetically engineered salmon due to the risks it poses to human health, the environment, and wild salmon populations.

We will be watching them closely and holding them accountable to their commitment. In the absence of labeling, CFS, Friends of the Earth, and the coalition will continue to push retailers to not sell this risky fish and plan to test salmon and notify consumers directly if stores attempt to hide GE salmon under false marketing.

Thanks, as always, for everything you do to demand safe, sustainable food and the right to know. We couldn’t have pushed Costco this far without you!

Want to see where your favorite supermarkets, seafood companies, and restaurants stand? Check out our Guide to Avoiding GE Salmon.

- The Center for Food Safety team

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