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G'day its been a while since i updated ,i have been very busy in life adventures but have not forgotton the work that is needed to bring peace to West Papua. Im also looking for anyone who has signed to become a leader in this campaign,and help update ,if your interested let me know,.

More West Papuan political prisoners charged with treason by Indonesia. 4 members of the KNPB Manokwari, including chairman Alexander Nekenem are awaiting trial after being arrested on May 20th for supporting the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP).

02 november 2015. The seventh session in trial of Alexander Nekenem, Yoram Magai, Othen Gombo, and Nopinus Rumawak, accused that they commit a criminal act of incitement against the law and subject to Article 160 of the Indonesian Criminal Code Jo Article 55 of the Criminal Code. Trial was resume of five times the trial in a few months and last week, after the trial continued for three weeks each Monday is not running do not know what the reason was. Please advocacy for people of West Papua, political prisoners. Indonesia say we are criminal for our peaceful political opinions. http://westpapuaolem.blogspot.co.id/…/ketua-knpb-...http://tabloidjubi.com/2015/10/30/

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