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Empower Disadvantaged Women in Rural Areas.

Mehtab Qureshi
Mehtab Qureshi campaign leader

Saharo Welfare Organisation will organise Saharo Women Empowerment and Community Centre in the Village on 400 square yards land with six Rooms and a Community Centre which will provide skills of Stitching of cloths, Sewing, Cutting,Computer training, Needle Work, Embroidery, & Knitting. Centre will also provide Beautician training to young girls, widows, and married women of the District. . Monthly Seminars and Workshops will be organized in Community Centre on Human Right, Adult Education and Women and Child Health. Qualified and Experienced Teachers will be hired for the purpose. During of each courst will be three Months. More than four hundred Disadvantaged Women of Village Piyar Ali Khaki will directly benefit from the Project. Village Piyar Ali Khaki is about 12 Kilometre from Khairpur District and the total Population of Village is more than 3000 People out of this 53 percent are Women.

The Overall Objectives is to move towards sustainable Rural development through the Empowerment of Women and life long learning and technical opportunities in the experimental area. The core value at Saharo is fairness. Saharo is committed to gender equality and believes that men and women can work together as equals. Saharo has commitment for the development of highly neglected Rural Women of Village Piyar Ali and evolve programmes for their socio-economic up-liftment and to strengthen Disadvantaged Rural mother capacities and skills to effectively respond to day to day concerns that effect them as women, particularly as heads and care-givers of their families and as members of their immediate community

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