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Empower Disadvantaged Women in Rural Areas.

Mehtab Qureshi
Mehtab Qureshi campaign leader

Discrimination against women is social problems allover the world. It manifests even at the time a baby is born. With regard to gender discrimination, some exceptions aside, men have imposed a subordinate status on women in societies both Eastern and Western. The conditions of Pakistani women are almost the same as of their counterparts in the world. In rural Sindh, women are discriminated against in almost all walks of life. Women are suppressed both religiously and socially. Most of the time women have no choice except to follow the worst social traditions in the honor of their family. In Pakistani society generally women cannot do anything independently. Most of the time they are not given opportunity to get education, they do not enjoy their childhood because of family economic conditions.
The women in Village Piyar Ali Khaki, Tehsil Sobedero, District Khairpur Sindh also face similar issues. Majority of the women live in rural areas and suffer from various kinds of violence at household, communal and social levels. Women in Goth Piyar Ali Khaki suffer from poverty of opportunities throughout their lives. Reports published by the National Commission for Human Development and Unesco indicate that Sindh has an overall literacy rate of 59 per cent for population over 10 years in age. There is a wider gap between rural (43 per cent) and urban (73 per cent) literacy rates. Within the rural population of Sindh, the female literacy rate is just 22 per cent. In the Village in question, 70 percent of Rural Women work in Cotton and other fields from 7 am to 7 pm by force in 40/45 degree Hot season and for this work they get only Rs.200 perday which is equal to US Dollors 2 only. Its terrible and unjustice

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