Update #13 ·

Dealing with Culture, Country, Heritage, and Environmental Destruction in a Pro Active way

Three independent delegates for WA's Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) have recommended approval for a liquefied natural gas (LNG) precinct near James Price Point, north of Broome.

 As suspected the Western Australian Government is wasting vast amounts of taxpayer funds trying to lure the oil & gas industry back to James Price Point to build a multi user port with a massive Gas plant

( second largest in the world )and associated chemical  plants with massive industrial areas.

Even though the Environmental  Protection Authority was found to be unlawful, invalid and corrupted in 2013 by West Australia's chief justice, the 40 billion dollar project is back on the cards with a new Environmental Protection Authority  assessment recommending the project get the go ahead with the approval processes. The new EPA delegates  were appointed to reassess the proposal and no suprises there of course they recommend the project should go ahead that's what they are paid to say and do by the West Australian Government and its cash by the truckload , I mean truck loads remember this is the second swing on the Barnett cash cow merry go round.

The delegates say "The whole idea of strategic assessments is to deal with this thing in a proactive way, and to provide certainty to proponents and the community about what's expected if there is a development there." How bloody crazy is that because no one in the oil and gas industry wants to build anything at James Price Point and nor do the communities around there. The oil and gas industry does not want to be pro active in the environmental destruction of the Kimberley and neither do the local community members and many other Australians, so why is Colin Barnett spending millions of taxpayer funds trying to make and sell bigger and bigger white elephants he knows no one wants or even wants to be part of? We have delivered Colin 5000 signitures and we intend to deliver him 5000 more , we need your help to expose the incredible corruption and failure of due process the Colin Barnett government is guilty of and stop the so called Pro Active approach to the destruction of the Kimberley. Please sign and re share our petition and help save the Kimberley and we will keep updating and provide more information about the impacts on water quality, habitat , marine life and destruction of environment as this farce continues.


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