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Thank you for all of your signatures and pledges so far

Wolf Pack

One day you may be no more

And I will be alone, without hope

As I have heard and felt others of you

In my deepest dreams.

A lone wolf crying out for her pack;

Desperate, desolate and disdained,

Howling to Mother Moon

In loneliness and utter isolation

I wander the night,

As I hear and feel you in my sleep;

For we are separated by an inhumane cruelty ...

My comfort is this --

that I know you hear and feel me

in your dreams, as I do you in mine.

Until we are together again, I dream and hope

that we meet forever In the Spirit world.

©2015 by Karen Gilbert Dewolf Eisenlord

Don’t let them slaughter our brother and sister wolves. It is cruel and inhumane. Please go below to sign a petition and to make a donation if you can.


Thank you for all of your signatures and pledges so far of well over 4,500 combined. It is very special to me that so many care for this truly magnificent animal, the wolf. Please keep the momentum going by sharing the Petition to boycott Ebay and the pledge to write the CEO of Ebay with your family and friends, asking them to share also.
Also, if you can I would like those of you who can spare a few dollars, to donate to a wolf-protection agency, such as Defenders of Wildlife or one of your choosing. Thanks!

Please take a moment to look at the sites below regarding wolves and their importance in our ecosystems. You may even choose to send on of them a donation. (There is one on coyotes also, as they are a little understood and persecuted group also.)





Just so we don't forget, Ebay is still allowing wolf pelts to be sold through them as evidenced by the following current posts: http://www.ebay.com/bhp/wolf-pelt (Ebay sells coyote pelts also, such as listed there.) There's even wolf-fur jackets and other items such as a purse made out of a wolf, if you scroll down on the page. Here's some others: http://www.ebay.com/bhp/wolf-skin




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