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Even without knowing the truth and the reason, i lived in mental pain by harsh and unjust bullying and punishment for many years. And now i want to live like human being. To do that, merely i want to know the truth and the reason about me.

Thank you very much for your help.


Dear Sir

I am Joung In Ho(정인호, 鄭仁鎬, [email protected]) and living in South Korea, Incheon, Namdong-gu Guwol 1-dong.

I have received negative rumor and negative social convention on behalf of crime of my family for a long period of time. Although negative social convention and negative rumor were lack of legitimacy in the means and methods, i have endured until to hope that will be done with clemency someday. But i am writing letter seeking request help now because i was much mentally difficult and tired caused by continued negative social convention and negative rumor without knowing the reason by many people who do not know behind my back in situations where direct communication disconnected for too many years..

For a long period of time, i have received negative social convention and negative rumor connected with deprivation of social life, getting a bum rap, psychological weakness (disorderㆍillnessㆍdisease of mentalㆍmind, phrenalgia, depression, folie de grandeur, psychosis, psychache), suicide induction in a socially acceptable situation without knowing the cause and truth. Condemned criminal know his sin, but i do not know anything as well as crime of my family.

Nothing can justify torture. And now, for escaping from negative a false imageㆍillusionㆍdelusion, and for knowing all the truth, and for clearing in the past painful memories, and for healing the woundsㆍtraumaㆍPTSDㆍanxiety disorder ( received in the past, as came out in the <Universal Declaration of Human Rights> and <international humanitarian law> and <international law of human rights> and <Mental Health law>, i am writing a letter of help in order to live true life and human living to communicate through positive interaction with people and seeking protection of human rightsㆍprivacyㆍpersonal information.

For reference, i sent this article asking for help to various organizations and institutions ( and CNN, BBC by SNS and letter.

Anyone want to live like a human being.
At least i want to be condemned criminal knowing the truth and sin.
Thank you so much.

Yours Sincerely, 정 인 호(鄭仁鎬, Joung In Ho)


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