Update #1 ·

Wow! You guys are great! Let's go for 10,000!

We are so happy and surprised to see that, so far, 1,611 people have signed this pledge. It's been great to see how many people it has educated about the care and treatment of elephants, and about ethical animal treatment.

We're so happy that you keep spreading the word. It's simple to educate yourself, and most people want to know the consequences of their actions! Sure, there are some people who wish harm on animals, but there are lots more caring people who love animals and just want to have a great animal experience while traveling - we can help them learn how to do that by sharing information like this! So thank you, and please keep sharing!

Once we have 10,000 signatures, we'd like to share this with other travel companies and say, "See? People care about this. Give them what they want, and take elephant riding and similar activities off your itineraries!"

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