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Cyclone Sidr Hits Bangladesh Coastline

Cyclone Sidr Hits Bangladesh Coastline – Islamic Relief Launches $6 Million Appeal to Aid Victims

More than 600 have been confirmed dead and hundreds more have been reported injured or missing after Cyclone Sidr devastated the south western coastal belt of Bangladesh.

The category 4 storm made it’s landfall around midnight on Thursday, Nov. 15th, triggering a 15-foot high tidal surge with wind speeds of 220km per hour. In its wake, the cyclone has so far devastated three coastal towns, sweeping away homes and destroying crop plantations.

Islamic Relief has launched a $6 million appeal to help the victims. An initial allocation of $1 million has already been made which will be used to provide evacuees and victims with shelter, hygiene kits and medical services to treat injuries.

The full extent of the damage remains unclear as power and communication lines are still down and one third of the country still lies in the storm’s path. Islamic Relief is working closely with the disaster management ministry to monitor the storm’s activities.

Islamic Relief has been active in the field, helping to undertake needs-assessments in affected areas and help evacuate coastal residents. The coastal belt hosts a population of 10 million, but there are only enough storm shelters to accommodate half a million residents.

As hundreds more people continue to be reported injured or missing, health management is quickly becoming a major concern.

The most pressing needs include food, water, shelter, blankets and medicines.

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