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David Inguanzo campaign leader

Reporting misconduct using the proper form and wording is the only way you can be heard, and the only way authorities and legislators can see what is happening.
There are many forms of misconduct when it comes to professionals handling matters related to divorce and child custody. And this arena is ripe for taking advantage of those in need. Emotions blind litigants easily; and they do not know automatically that they need to do extensive due diligence before making hiring decisions. Before you make a referral to an attorney or accept one from a friend or another attorney, there is much more you need to know. Simply because the State Bar does not have a complaint listed about professional misconduct, does not mean that it has not occurred or that a particular lawyer is trustworthy.
The result for many families is mayhem, and even devastation and emotional trauma. Reporting to the State Bar is very challenging, and seeking recovery of damages is nearly impossible as some have tried and shown. But without following through and filing grievances, the public will never know, and the state cannot take action.
Help us get things under control by reporting issues you’ve experienced with family court professionals to the State Bar. If you did already report using a Grievance Form and nothing happened, please specify this in your email.

It is not easy to follow through, or to even understand what was done to you and your children, so let us know if you need help getting to the right resources to seek accountability and recovery. “Pump and Dump” is one way of explaining professional misconduct and covers a certain number of cases that were pumped of all the family’s financial resources and then dumped without helping the family get to a satisfactory resolution. We believe that with proper guidance and team building, much of this can be avoided. Other examples of misconduct you can report will follow.

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