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When I was in Jr. High and High School I was bullied for not maturing just like all the other girls. I felt awful about myself for years. It was only because I was dancing everyday so I had no fat on me. Now in my adult life, after having two children, and 5 years to 40, I see adults (older than me) and other dancers cyberbullying my dancers as well as myself. I believe that people who participate in that type of negative behavior are jealous of something, as well as feel poorly about themselves. The dance world is too small to not see the cat fights on social media especially FB and Twitter that other studios have to deal with as well. I don't engage with them unless it has to do with a child. When I asked studio owners and dancers if they would come together with other studios to help bring awareness to the cyberbullying in the dance world these are things that people had to tell me. "Thank you Carrie for heading this, because it is a real problem." "I love this idea! Count me in!" "This is amazing!!!! What would you like for our studio to do to help this cause?!?" I was so surprised to see how many other teachers and studio owners have to deal with cyberbulling. It really broke my heart that it is happing everywhere.

I must tell everyone that I have two other people who were doing a ton of work while I asked studios all over the country to support the cause. I couldn't do this alone, because there are so many parts to it. Deb Buckert, a blogger as well as someone who knows how to put things on the web, is the one who actually came up with the idea and made the web sites. Lori Habiger has taken all the pictures and did the logo. We did this to bring awareness to cyberbullying. The dance world needs to come together and support one another. I am so honored that so many dance studios, former dancers, dance teams, current dancers and choreographers got on board.

My students didn't do anything wrong to get cyberbullied. You can't tell these young men and women to "just ignore them." That doesn't help anything. Teenagers these days have enough to deal with, that they don't need to add cyberbullying to their plate. I don't want to see anyone else harm or kill themselves over being cyberbullied. I want to save lives and let these dancers, teenagers, and adults know that they are not alone if they are getting cyberbullied. I am not a therapist however I am a great listener as well as someone who gives great hugs. I am very passionate about spreading the word this month and months to come, to STAND STRONG AGAINST CYBERBULLYING! With our powers combined we can make a difference!!!

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