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Allow me to introduce myself : I am her Majesty Ikollo Jacqueline, Queen of ``BONENDALE II” in Cameroon, geologist by training, I am interested for several years to promote the presence of more African women in active politics. That is why, with the help of six other women, we have formed the international Organization for the advancement politics of African (OIAPA). I invite you to visit to know the name of these involved women. Our gold is simple: recruit African women who wish to become involved in politics but do not know how to do it.
We will take concrete action by organizing training sessions in their respective countries. We choose to start with the Tunisia, Nigeria, Ivory Coast and of course Cameroon, since I resides and that the presence of women of influence is also desire in my country.
While the equitable participation of women in political life and the government is essential in any democratic society, UN women, NDI and others international organizations dedicated to the advancement of African women have amply documented the low presence of women in African parliaments and at the executive level, except in some countries which have demonstrated real leadership in this sense.
Seeing this observation, we estimate that to succeed the bet to double their performances, it is essential to property train these women in the electoral process, which as you know, can be complex in several African countries.
That is why we founded the oiapa, according to the Canadian law on the not-for-profit organizations. The association is registered under the number 854880-3, industry Canada, certified by google ``NGO¨¸ and the international organization
This is why I am requesting your personal involvement by becoming a member of the oiapa as little as 25$ v per Canadian currency year. We are targeting 100 members to begin; so our association will be credible and eligible organizations dedicated to the political advancement women in the world as well as from governmental agencies that financially support the cause of women.
To become a member and pay your dues, please visit the web site : and follow the instructions.
For those who do not want to be a member, you can make à donation by visiting the web site : for financing of the oiapa campaign.
Thank you for the immediate interest that can wear at my request and I look forward to the privilege of working with you for the continuation of the mission of the oiapa.
Her Majesty Ikollo Jacqueline
E-mail : [email protected]

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