Deb Clem-Buckert
Deb Clem-Buckert campaign leader

We’re parents just like you and our daughters are passionate about dance. Each one of us has experienced cyberbullying first-hand and has seen the pain it can cause both kids and adults. We had an idea. What if we could educate our parents and dancers about cyberbullying and have a no tolerance policy for our studio? Implemented this summer, all our parents and students signed a contract that they will not use social media in a negative manner. Period.

But then we had another thought.

What if we could educate others and really make an impact? So, we started with the dance community. The past month, we’ve reached out to dance studios in our hometown of Kansas City and now all over the country. This October, we plan to bring awareness to dancers and their family and friends all over the country with a grass roots campaign to Stand Strong Against Cyberbullying. We’d love it if you’d sign the pledge.

But we’re not going to stop there.

We’re hoping that this campaign has broad reach. It doesn’t matter if your child dances, plays soccer or just attends middle school and studies, chances are your kid has been touched by cyberbullying. You’ve probably picked up their phone a time or two shocked by what you’ve seen or had your jaw dropped listening to them relay a story from their day at school. Cyberbullying is everywhere. That’s why we hope this campaign goes viral.

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