Update #4 ·

Petition Delivery Tomorrow!


This Wednesday September 30, we will gather to deliver our petition letting Nigerian President Buhari know that freedom lovers like you, all over the world demand for equal rights and freedom of the minority LGBTIQ people in Nigeria. Love should be a beautiful experience not death threat. 

Can you help us reach 10,000 signatures before our petition delivery? Sign the petition and invite your friends now. We're almost there! 

"Growing up in Nigeria, I was unable to disclose my sexuality, yet unable to hide it. The culture in Nigeria makes it clear that being gay or transgender is a sin, a sentiment that is fuelled by homophobic messages from faith communities, political leaders, families, and schools. I took these messages in, identified with them, and carried the shame of being a lesbian woman in Nigeria. I was arrested, tortured and extorted by the Nigerian Police. I demand a repeal of this toxic law." -- Aderonke Apata

P.S. Will you be in London this week? Stand in solidarity with Nigerian LGBTI people next Wednesday. More info about the rally and petition delivery can be found here.

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