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Why the wolf haters, WHY?! I knew already that part of the reason is the claim that wolves kill livestock. We all know that learning to live with wildlife is something that can be done. Some states are literally extinct of wolves and others are killing them. Part of it is a 'hunter' mentality. They don't like it when deer are preyed upon by wolves,... especially when it takes away from their hunting practices.

It is a complex issue, but it is ignorant for anyone to think that wolves are not an important part of the ecosystem. If there aren't enough deer or other smaller prey for them, then something is wrong there. Wolves go after livestock when they do not have enough of other prey.

Anyway, it is a lot to cover here, but to sum it up -- in a healthy ecosystem, wolves and all other wildlife live in balance. Some claim that humans are the ones who keep wolves in check but this shouldn't be to the point of extinction. They are a threatened, endangered species and in some places they have become extinct where they once thrived. Where I live is one of them. :((

On an emotional level I also can not understand how anyone can kill a wolf and not feel that they are murdering our best friend too! I found the following article that partly explains the history behind both sides of the story: http://www.timberwolfinformation.org/illegal-wolf...

These articles are good also:


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