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Although millions of people from around the world have enjoyed watching meerkat films, not many are aware of the demand on wild meerkat populations to be captured for the unsustainable and unsuitable commercial pet trade.

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The Wild and Free Ungulungu meerkat group of The Meerkat Magic Conservation Project in The Meerkat Magic Valley Reserve.

Just before sunset two heavily pregnant females and the current litter of babies huddle and groom and guard. This meerkat scrumming is a way for the meerkats to keep warm and is essential for thermoregulation to ensure homeostasis.

Unlike the warmer times of the day when the meerkat stretches its solar panel bellies to absorb heat, when it is colder the meerkat huddles over its sparsely haired underside to prevent heat loss.

It is very rare for there to be a second pregnant female present around the pregnant dominant female. Most subordinate or lower ranking females are often chased away and evicted by the dominant female to try and prevent them getting pregnant at the same time as she does and is active reproductive suppression - to prevent resource competition for her babies.

When there is an abundance of food, there is less competition between breeding females and a better chance for multiple litters of young to be born and survive which will increase the entire meerkat group’s survival.

Having additional lactating females available is highly beneficial to baby meerkat pups - they will allosuckle on these females and have an increased chance of surviving.

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The Meerkat Magic Conservation Project's MEERKAT MAGIC MOMENTS are Wildlife Films from Grant M. Mc Ilrath - A.K.A - The Meerkat Man a professionally qualified Nature Conservation Biologist and internationally published wildlife researcher and Director and owner of The Meerkat Magic Conservation Project and The Meerkat Magic Valley Reserve - involved with numerous meerkat / suricate films with the BBC; National Geographic; Discovery Channel and more since 1993 and ongoing (over 20 years of fieldwork with two subspecies of the 3 recognised). Bringing you the REAL wildlife film - no post editing or pre-determined scripting or set ups when filming wildlife here - an unedited wildlife documentary behind the scenes and science. No tame, or fed, captured, marked, radio collared, handled animals here - only Wild and Free reserve protected species.

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