Update #1 ·

Obama is a cop-killer.

Obama is a cop-killer.

 Baby body parts are being sold.  

Christians are being jailed for their beliefs.  

Over 300,000 honorable vets have died waiting for health care.  

Politicians are openly getting away with treason.  

Thugs are heroes.  

Patriots are terrorists.  

It's impolite to call 'real' terrorists "Terrorists"  

America shits on true allies  Enemies are praised and welcomed.

 Illegal foreigners have due rights, but vets are denied them.

Chinese naval ships are running in American waters on the west coast.

Russian naval ships are running near our eastern coast.

China and Russia are hacking into our nation's computer systems at will.

 The majority of Americans STILL remain silent...

What has happened to OUR America?

 John "Jack" Cunningham



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