Jose Hoyo Mba
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Very hard to tell my story. I am a father and a victim of parental alienation syndrome. The father of two daughters with a cheating “X” wife and a back stabbing”X” best friend. They managed to destroy the relationship with the daughters and the attorneys, judges, and the judicial system were played and ignorant of the malicious intents. Accusations, after accusations to keep me away, litigation, psychologist, and money down the drain. Then daughters were brain washed psychologically and manipulate to be against me.

I am a professional with an MBA and no criminal record, a hard working middle class professional and W2 earner. Why does a family court case take three years of litigation and me being forced to bankrupt? I had no choice to take the high road for the benefits of the children, stop the litigation, and the psychological torture and abuse the daughters were enduring. I gave up my parental rights. Had no choice, no more money to fight and my only thought were the mental well being of the daughters.
What happen to me is cruel, sad, unjustified, and premeditated. Parents should not include the children as allies, and the courts need to be savvy of the tactics played to intentionally keep one parent from the children they both brought into this world. Especially, like in my case; no previous issues prior to the divorce.
I hope the system is changed. I wish to god that we protect both parents and the children from this terrible illness not very well defined by psychologist and the courts, parental alienation syndrome.

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