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I signed the petition to allow Jodie to keep Wheezer. The fact that the SPCA posted the petition was the deciding factor as I did not know the reason the ODNR wanted to not only take Wheezer but also wanted to put him down but I'm satisfied that the SPCA is apprised of the issues of keeping a wild animal in captivity and would not be supportive if there were other issues. I was originally hesitant as I did not know the reason the ODNR specifically wanted to kill him such as disease or suspected disease. Some diseases can only be confirmed postmortem. Also, I do not want to encourage (as I'm sure neither does the SPCA) people domesticating wild animals, they are wild for a reason and they need to stay that way. I also definitely do not want to encourage people keeping wild animals as pets such as snakes, monkeys, primates such as chimps, gorillas, big cats and other wild animals who need to live in the wild but who are often poached (while their families are killed trying to protect the infants such as the case with chimps, gorillas and monkeys and other species) to fill the pet industry needs. Owning a wild animal is NEVER a good idea, for you or the animal. Everyone loves seeing a baby chimp or monkey playing and dressing them in silly outfits but when the baby grows up, very quickly in fact, and reaches sexual maturity (monkeys and other primates about the age of 7 or 8) and becomes very strong as well, such as the case with chimps, who are 7 times stronger than a man, there are going to be BIG problems. Housing changes from free range of the home to a cage, a very cruel life for any wild animal but most especially a primate. Also, primates live about as long as we do, making their life long care a huge issue and chimps grow to about 200 pounds, making them very difficult to contain WHEN, as they always do, they attack without warning. They also carry and are prone to human diseases, making vet care, when you can find it, very expensive and very necessary. There are so many reasons I have for not having a wild animal as a pet that I can't list them all here but I do support this case on an individual level. Please, though, do not attempt to make a wild animal a pet. It is very cruel to the pet and you probably don't realize exactly what you are undertaking until it is to late for the animal to be released or even to go to sanctuary or zoos. (Zoos won't take them b/c they don't know how to live with their own kind.) My best to Jodie and Wheezer.

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