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This is one of our 2015 College Veterinary Program groups volunteering at the Elephant Nature Park, where students can interact with rescued elephants and learn all about them.

Many well-intentioned travelers don't know the truth behind activities such as elephant riding, elephant painting, trained animal shows, lions held captive for canned hunting, or swimming with the dolphins. People who genuinely love animals and want to be around them end up supporting activities that can be greatly harmful to the very animals they love.

In order to be trained to carry people on their backs, elephants need to go through an extensive, painful process known as "breaking the spirit", and are often severely injured, mistreated, or even killed. The elephant paintings that attract so many kind-hearted people are made by using a sharp nail inserted in the gums or behind the ear to move the elephant's head to paint. And the list goes on.

This petition is a chance to help your fellow travelers consider their animal interactions more carefully on their travels, and a chance to show those organizations still offering these activities that many of us are not interested in those services. There are many great ways to interact with animals without harming them: volunteer in a sanctuary, observe them on safari or by snorkeling or diving, travel throughout their natural habitat, visit national parks or reserves for hiking or camping, and the list goes on. We can love and experience animals and honor them, without any torture in our travel.

It's time to spread the word. When you pledge "no torture in my travel", you're making the world a better place.



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