Errand Frazier
Errand Frazier campaign leader

This is what Patches looked like before her surgery last Friday she was lethargic not eating drinking a lot of water and her face was swollen she had no life in her at all, and if you truly love your pet seeing them like this will break your heart, we were thinking she might have gotten stung by something or had an allergic reaction to something, We were frantic and were back and forth to the vet multiple times last week because we knew something was wrong. If you have a heart you don't want to see any living breathing thing to suffer, but to us she is our baby and no matter what it would have cost if we would have had to sell everything we own to make sure she got the help she needed, we would have done it. As I have said before she has never been bred we were always afraid to have her fixed because we couldn't find a vet we trusted with her. Until we found Dr.Mathews she saved our baby, Here we were worried about what was going to happen to her if we got her fixed not thinking that not spaying could ultimately have killed her. People who say that can't afford a vet trust me, when I say my wife and I are beyond poverty level, If we can find a vet and great friend to help us, then that just proves one thing if you love your fur baby you will do whatever you have to, to get them help. Spaying and Neutering is not going to just save a fur babies life it is going to cut down on the pet over population and it will also cut down on animals being killed in shelters every day it will also cut down on animals being abused and tortured and dog fighting rings I could go on and on about how spaying and neutering can make a difference.

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