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This is why we need spaying and neutering mandatory

For anyone who thinks Spaying and neutering is not important and will not hurt your pet, My wife and I didn't spay our pitbull patches because we didn't trust anyone with her especially after seeing all the horror stories of what happens to pitbulls. We finally found a vet we trust and decided its time, my wife read a story online about a 4 year old female pitbull with a vaginal infection, when patches come in heat we knew we had to wait to spay her until after her heat cycle..., once she was out of heat my wife noticed like a discharge and she called the vet and she said it was normal after the come out of heat so she discussed with my wife the issues of not fixing her and we immediately loved Dr.Mathews because she went to jail standing up for the animals we set up a date to bring patches in for her exam and then to be spayed. We kept an eye on her and she seemed fine and then bam a few days before her exam we noticed she wasn't eating like normal, so my wife called the vet and we made a new appointment to get her seen sooner she goes in she acts fine Dr.Mathews gave her some medicine for her belly, we got her home and gave her the medicine and the next morning we get up and my wife takes a picture of her and sends it to Dr. Sara Mathews (this is how great she is) and she sends a message back saying her face looks swollen can you bring her in, we bring her in and we thought it was an allergic reaction to something, so Dr. Mathews gives her a shot of benedryl and we take her home, that night my wife saw something on her blanket that looked like blood she took a picture sent it to the Vet and to Dr. Mathews and we weren't sure if it was poop or something from her coocoo. The next morning we get up and patches was laying on her bed and she moved and their was this big stain and we immediately sent the picture to the vet's office and to Dr. Mathews. Thank God for the friends my wife and I have and the vet we have because if it wasn't for Van and Dr. Mathews our baby would be dying, at this very moment she is in the hands of Dr. Mathews and one of the best vet office's I have ever seen. My wife and I blame ourselves for this no we didn't spay because she was used for breeding purposes because she never saw a male dog she has never been bred, we blame ourselves because we thought we were protecting her by not spaying her but in the end it could have cost her, her life. Spaying and Neutering is very important if you love your pet. As I am writing this I am praying to God patches makes it out of her surgery doing great. This is why people need to learn about what can happen to your pet if you don't spay and neuter, When my wife told me about the pitbull the same as age as patches that was brought to a shelter and the owner  of her just wanted them to euthanize her because they didn't want to spend that much money on her. It wasn't her fault the owners neglected to do what they should have done it was their job to make sure she got the best of care. We can't afford any type of surgery or anything like that but the last thing on our mind was us euthanizing patches that wasn't even an option. It wasn't her fault she got sick it is no different if you have children you aren't going to kill them if they get sick so why would you kill a pet that you have had as a puppy. We need these laws to protect them. Yes we made the mistake of not spaying patches as a puppy, we didn't know then what we know now. That is why any animals that are sold should all be fixed.  


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