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Scott Adams campaign leader

By "family courts," it should be clarified that it means all courts dealing in private family matters...ranging from actual "family" courts that adjudicate child visitation/support/custody, marriage/separation/nullity/dissolution to juvenile dependency courts, and in other instances, probate courts when the issues revolve around guardianship, conservatorship, stepparent adoption, etc.

Nowhere in the judicial system is family advocated...truly advocated. It simply does not earn state/federal revenue. It benefits government and associated agencies, financially - speaking, NOT to uphold individual, inalienable rights to family, privacy, and protection against systemic abuse.

Thus, individuals who initiate legal interference in their lives to seek support and protection now encounter the agonizing micromanagement of their lives and those forced into the legal interface are usually plowed over by falsifications and lies, or at best, exaggerations of half-truths.

Justice that once may have existed is now diminished to a mere smoke screen of poisoned enticements, complex jargon, and a network of insurmountable hurdles(endless continuances, blocked attempts to file corrections and/or evidence, and a coy professional narcissistic approach to the law.

Clearly, those who do not have the interests of clients at heart *should* face punitive actions. Perhaps, in order to effectively change the overwhelmingly corrupt and broken system is not only to "follow the money" but, rather, re-budget to include such professional accountabilities capable of providing the internal motivation to do one's fundamental job.

Some say change the federal funding from ensuring ADOPTIONS to ensuring family REUNIFICATION AND/OR MEDIATIONS. Sure...this effectively addresses *some* of the colossal problem. However, it does not effectively focus on your ineffective counsel nor attorney/judicial misconduct. Since the majority of decisions are executed in courts and merely influenced by agency "advisors"/reports...the solutions, too, must address a multi-faceted audience.

The answer will not be sufficient if it only addresses a section of the " team": agency or attorney or judicial officers or the multitudes of court staff or foster/adopt parents, contracted providers, etc. In each of these, there DOES EXIST goodhearted individuals who are not intentionally destroying lives and families.

There are also those like Mr. Morales who has spoken out against such practices, and in my experience, some terrified for their own comfort and safety that they remain silent to the horrors in fear of retaliation.



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