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Rally At Southfork Ranch To Save Dallas Is All Set To Take Place on August 5,2015

#SaveDallas Dallas Fans Gather To Save Dallas Day At Southfork Ranch in Texas Article By Highlight Hollywood Please check out this article for all the details on the rally. Fans need to use the code SAVE DALLAS 2015 in order to receive a discount on their ticket. If you plan on attending please select the Going option in Dallas Fans Gather To Save Dallas Day event on FB so I'll be able to keep track of how many fans are going. Please DO NOT select the Going option if you are unable to attend as this will make it difficult for me to know how many exact fans will show up for the rally. Thank you! :) Please share the link to the event that is featured in the article and the photo above on all social media sites so we can get the word out there as time is running short. I know this is short notice, but I haven't heard back from the lady in charge of events at SF until a few days ago regarding all the details. 


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