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Please support and like the new "Free Pauline Conboy" facebook page

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your kind support of Pauline and for having the courage to stand against such blatant injustice as this.  When we say it's not okay for lovely Pauline, we are also saying this kind of abuse is not okay to be done to anyone.  Thank you for doing your part.

It will soon be 4 years since the Irish Government unlawfully stripped Pauline Conboy of her rights and her passport.  She is still being held hostage in Ireland and kept from her family in the U.S. who provide all her support and care.  Please like our facebook page as we make renewed efforts to bring more public pressure to bear on the Irish Government to bring about an end to this insane injustice. https://www.facebook.com/freepaulineconboy

William Conboy (Liam)

Collette Conboy

Kirsten Conboy

Keith Conboy

Kaitlyn Conboy


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