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Family Courts Deny Fit Parent Visitation & Custody

Joshua Youssef, a fit parent had all visitation with his son stripped of him with absolutely no finding of abuse and neglect. Josh is an upstanding, law-abiding citizen with absolutely no criminal history, is an entrepreneur, business-owner, job-creator, and most importantly, a loving father who has been victimized by the biased and rogue N.H. Family Courts. In this multi-part video series, Josh testifies before the New Hampshire House of Representatives Committee for Redress of Grievance, to make known to our lawmakers that the Family Courts of N.H. are abusing children and families by denying parents and children access to each other with no abuse or neglect findings.

In this case, former guardian ad litem Tracy A. Bernson made feminist-agenda-based recommendations to the court, which were adopted by Marital Master Nancy J. Geiger, and approved and signed off by Judges Brackett L. Scheffy and Edward M. Gordon.

These officials have acted under color of law and have violated their specific and respective oaths of office insodoing.
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