Update #1 ·

The world needs more activists!

Thank you very much to everyone that has already donated, we are determined to make a difference here in our city. Our big goal right now is to get Bree and Donut spayed, up to date on all shots, heart worm etc. and then adopted out. Both of these girls, as well as their litter mates (6 puppies total, 4 girls, 2 boys) and mom were in horrible condition when they were found. They were extremely dehydrated, underweight and living in a small, cramped, cage outside in their own filth exposed to the elements, with no adequate food or water. We have a lot planned, after we get Bree and Donut adopted we are going to get many of the stray cats and dogs in this area spayed and neutered and their litters adopted out. There are also MANY cats and kittens behind the shopping center here where we live, including one kitten with a damaged eye. We really appreciate your help to do all of this!

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