Gregory Cunningham
Gregory Cunningham campaign leader

I know the lady running this campaign on and I have saved animals with her. This is a very kind elderly Vegan woman, she was stabbed by her ex husband and suffered a punctured lung from the attack. She almost died and is in very poor health but she still continues to do good for the world with her kind heart. She is also a breast cancer survivor, she took the surgery and chemotherapy to get the cancer removed. She has helped a lot of people and animals and now she really needs our help so she can continue doing what she loves. Please any good Samaritan consider donating to her cause so she can continue being a foster parent to animals that need somebody! Her health is very poor and she could really use the kindness from a good spirit before it is time for her to pass from this world! My soul blesses whoever helps give her the ability to continue making the world a better place for animals.

Please consider donating and help those that save animal lives!

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