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What is the solution that NORWAY ranks highest in Europe in use of coercion in psychiatry including human rights breach forced drugging?

Dear Secretary General Thorbjørn Jagland,

thank you for your report human rights 2000 (Menneskerettigheter 2000: Årsrapport om norsk innsats for menneskerettighetene) as Foreign Minister in Norway defining the aim to reduce coercion in health care in Norway («Målet er å redusere bruken av tvang»). Human rights are also for Norwegian patients. 

Unfortunately your successors messed up totally, with one third increase of coercion (4). 5 UN Committees are now concerned about reducing and removing coercion in psychiatry in Norway (3). I refer to Commissioner for Human Rights CoE visit of and report on Norway (1) with the call to end practices which result in forced institutionalisation and treatment of people with disabilities. 

I have always appreciated and admired your visionary approach and would like to draw your attention to this solution (thank you WSO, CRPD Committee, 30 March 2015) to overcome these human right violations: 

- Restitution (restoration of liberty) 

- Compensation (economically, moral damage) 

- Rehabilitation (official declaration, public apologies) 

- Satisfaction (e. g. truth commission) Guarantees of non-repetition


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