Kathleen Grillo
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It's long overdue that, finally, finally, 50 years later, more or less, The Republic of The Unted States of America sets by Act of Congress an Official Day of Recognition for All Viet Nam Veterans, the fogotten and abused Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen, etc., thousands and thousands of whom gave The United States The Ultimate Sacrifice, Their One and Only Life so that "WeThePeople" could live Free!
Any contemporary of that era, as I am, will remember with Disgrace how those Nam Vets who did return home, were instantly inviible and/or spat upon by their Fellow Americans! Rather than accolade, they were given derision; instead of assistance for various medical conditions resulting from this "Conflict", many were relegsted to homlessness, cardboard box 'street huts', and the aftermath of a Heroin Addiction facilitated by their own Government, while they wallowed in the swamps of the Delta!
These Brave Men and Women are, now and posthumously, Our Heros -- Heros who deserve this Nation's Highest Apology!
They most definitely deserve an Official National Day of Recognitioin in The United States of America!
They all have this American Pstriot's Love and Gratitude! My hope is that Our Nation recognizes this as not only a well-deserved Day Of Recognition, Forever, but also as an opportunity to begin to make amends to these American Viet Nam Heros who we simply chose to foget because it was inconvenient!
God Bless All USA Military, Active-Duty and Veteran, Living or Dead; God Bless Each One Of Them And Every Member of Their Families (many of whom are long dead and never lived to see their loved-ones, their Heros, properly acknowledged and Honored!
God Bless America!
Kathleen Grillo


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