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Everybody knows someone who uses it, whether we realize it or not. Most of us now know and love somebody who uses cannabis, perhaps for medical reasons. These are good people who contribute to society and deserve the same respect and legal rights as people who have an occasional drink or who use tobacco, as well as those who choose to abstain.
You don't have to use marijuana to know that the laws are wrong. For too long we have stood by as friends and family members have been denigrated and discrim-in-ated against in jobs, housing, education and custodial rights. This is a travesty. All that the hate-mongering, anti-cannabis bigots need to complete their "cultural cleansing" is for us to remain silent. Well, no more. To make our message of dignity and tolerance heard. We must send the message that anti-cannabis bigotry is no more acceptable than is racism, sexism or homophobia. Responsible adults should not be penalized for using a natural herb! The law has got to change

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