Sheila Hull
Sheila Hull campaign leader

Native American Contributions

"Did you know that Native Americans have contributed many things to the American way of life today?

Things that you use or do now, many Native Americans have been using and doing for many, many years. Many times, the only thing people remember about Native Americans are the negative things-but they contribute many positive things and should be remembered for them. A lot of time, we only think about things we can readily identify as representing Native Americans, such as their fine art work. Yes-the people of the Southwest are
known for their beautiful silver and turquoise jewelry. The people of the Northwest Coast are known for their fantastic woodcarvings. The Plains Indians are well known for
their beautiful bead work.

But other than art, the Native Americans have influenced many areas of American living. Some of these things were begun long before the arrival of the European settlers on North American land."

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