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Put an end to the corrupt and careless Family Law System!

I have a simple divorce case (1 child, no property, no assets, no debts to split). I chose to handle the case myself, gone through the huge bundle of paperwork, forms etc... We even have our Mutual Settlement Agreement in place! Filed it on 9/18/2013! it has now been more than a year and I'm still officially married...................................................

Yesterday my final packet was denied again. Probably I placed a stamp in the wrong place. Hello 2 more month of "review"! Thanks a lot! My case is just an example, but imagine how many people who can't get divorce for 5+ years. Yes, there are people like this. POOR PEOPLE!

Why in this country it takes 10 minutes to get married, but may take YEARS to get divorced?!!! This is outrageous!

I suggest to everyone to watch a documentary movie "Divorce Corp". It shows how lawyers purposely make things worth: their goal is to make spouses fight as much as possible between themselves. The more disagreements between them, the longer the case pulls, the more it pulls, the more money you pay. They later may split it with the judges by using legal means of "providing support" on their elections etc...

The whole process must be simplified for regular people, forms and laws must be written in HUMAN language so they are CLEAR to understand. The turnaround/response time from court must be cut to 1 week. Hire more people if needed. Last time I called to the courthouse that handles my case, after 5 forwards to voice mail, someone finally picked up and I've been told that "our courthouse system have seen a recent budget cut of $8 million, that is why the turn around times are now even longer". On their webpage they state: "effective November 24, 2014, the business hours at all courthouse locations will be 8:30 am - 3:00 pm". "Excellent" news! "The Court finds this action is necessary due to the significant and continuing cuts to the State Judicial Branch Budget". Instead of spending taxpayers money on wars, that nobody cares about - hire more people for the internal system!

The spider web of the Family Divorce Court has went really far.


Never say never, you CAN be the next victim, then you will remember this petition...


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