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Adopted? Alienated from your child? The case histories in "CHOSEN CHILDREN: Billion Dollar Babies in America's Failed Foster Care, Adoption and Prison Systems," and the statistics and studies in "THE ADOPTION and DONOR CONCEPTION FACTBOOK," and other books documenting cases at AccessPressBooks.com, as well as the millions protesting via Facebook and other social media, support the need for Change in order that:

1. Adoptees and Parents and others will no longer have to endure lifelong searches or pay exploitive "undergrounds," agencies or intermediaries for answers to "Who am I?" and "Is my child alive and well?"

2. Life saving medical information can be obtained by families at any time during a child's life and in any state, not just after an adoptee attains legal age or in just some states.

3. There will be a reduction in the over-representation of foster and adopted children and adults in psychiatric therapy for depression and adoptee suicides due to secrecy of their origins and isolation from biological family members and reality.

4. The emphasis will be on providing loving homes for children, not providing children to those who can buy a child, thus also reducing trafficking of children for illicit purposes..

5. Raising children with truth, dignity, and equal rights.


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