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In July my family will unite by means of a family reunion at Stone Mountain Park outside of Atlanta, Ga. Personally I never go to Stone Mountain Park. But I will out of respect for my family members while the place of our reunion has now been set. My reason for no appreciation for this particular park is sculpted on the face of the mountain there for which the park is named. The sculpted relief illustrates the charge of the president of the Confederate States of America during those times leading his general and army into battle. The cause for which these fought was to perpetuate the enslavement of African-Americans. They fly the same flag there as they in Charleston S.C. A brave young lady thought to correct a continuing insult to African-Americans by morally taking it upon her self to remove the flag. In light of the S.C. tragedy and its associated affects there, among other obvious reasons, the governor of S. C. should have ordered the so-called talisman of Southern Heritage removed. It is of my opinion that any who embrace the same as such, seem to do so out of an abandon heart. And the embracement of an ugly and mean spirit. Plus a very callused disposition with regard to the atrocities for which that talisman represents.

It is said that African-Americans should forgive, forget the pass atrocities of the peculiar institution of slavery. Seems strategically strange that such a suggestion rises in the face of so many reminders.

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