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Jose Depre campaign leader

Say No To Dog Meat - Registration No: 49 860 343 527 - Registered Australian Organisation - This past April 4th hosted the worlds largest Anti Pet Meat Trade event the world has ever witnessed.

Say No To Dog Meat's primary objectives highlighted the growing cruelty and suffering within the pet meat trade at an international level. Meanwhile creating mass awareness, education regarding the trade in Asia and Africa, and increasing our signature support on some seven petitions we hold. Today we hold hundreds of thousands of signatures all thanks to YOU.

Lastly we politely informed government ministers within the countries that we're working to end the trade that continued ignorance of our mission objectives, facts around the pet meat trade and newly researched science that proves pet meat trade is both a human and animal health nightmare would only be ignored for so long..

Governmental ministers within Thailand, Viet Nam, Philippines, India, Indonesia, Cambodia, South Korea, Nigeria, and Liberia have still yet to respond to our health concerns, proven researched science, and the increasing abuse and virus dangers.

Due to this continued "silence" with some countries not even blinking or battering an eyelid Say No To Dog Meat has now had enough. This September on Thursday 17th from 09:00am on-wards Say No To Dog Meat will begin its kick-starter events aimed this time at taking our message to the consulate embassies of those countries that we're working towards ending these barbaric trades.

While Say No To Dog Meat's events and management team, and board of Directors will be hosting events within the United Kingdom and Australia, the organisation politely invites you to stand with us, or host an event on our behalf.

For more information please contact the organisation below:
Email: [email protected] - To become involved or to join the embassy day forum on Facebook please click the link below today and support us in anyway you can.

To download posters, banners, stick on's or more for the event this September please click our free poster and banner download link below via our events website:

Please note: We have moved the event day forward from the 15th to the 17th due to project commitments that we're unable to change.

Thank you.

Board of Directors


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