AmericanFathers LiberationArmy

Because I have a child that is been in the system for a lot of years and they are getting money for him, However mental health is a big problem in the UNITED STATES. But all I am seeing is that they are using our kids for profit. And the prisons are full of them already, the nexted generation is suffering for what reasons, Because they are going after family's taking there children, and making money and not helping them hurting them worse. Do I feel that all cases aren't worth looking into yes, however there is cases that others have had to live without there children, some learn from it. But why are we allowing the government to tell us how to raise are kids. We don't have a right to tell them how to judge there children or there parenting skills. People are always looking and hurting others if they have no heart. I feel that some parent's just need someone they really can trust. Not fake one's who lie steal or cheat to get ahead. I am really wanting to make a difference for the ones who need it.. And I feel that there are a lot of ones who do.. Thank you so much...



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